Kings Mountain

Kings Creek flows past a little ridge in the “New Acquisition District” of South Carolina just south of the North Carolina line near Kings Mountain NC. You may study the structure of South Carolina in naming the new acquisition York District, also in changing their statewide use of the term district instead of county and the naming of York County. Lyman C Draper wrote the definitive history of the battle at Kings Mountain. It is a tougher read now than it was when written because familiarity with the names of people and places was much greater then. Further, many of the names and nicknames have changed.

I want to make your read of Kings Mountain and its Heroes more understandable. History needs to accurately record who, what, when, and where before it can delve into how and why. I can find things hidden from Draper. I can bridge the gaps caused by shifting vernacular.

Kings Mountain Rosters
Kings Mountain Purple Hearts
Place names at BKM and other Samuel Newell neighborhoods

Al Gore was far too slow with his invention, so Draper used the technology of the time. Quill pens, walnut stain ink, cursive manuscripts, and letters delivered under signature of postmaster yielded to type set, printed documents, and postage stamps. Now I can use electronic ink substitute and the internet to find, gather, send, and post things.

I cannot explain why the Virginia Historical Highway marker in Abingdon reads “King’s Mountain Men” in the possessive form while those who possess the name use Kings in the plural form.

Bobby Gilmer Moss made the reading of Draper easier with his 1990 The Patriots of Kings Mountain listing battle participants, expedition members who were not in the fighting, and suspects of being part of BKM.

J. David Dameron published a very readable account in 2003 Kings Mountain: The Defeat of the Loyalists October 7, 1780

Robert M. Dunkerly published The Battle of Kings Mountain: Eyewitness Accounts in 2007. It has a selection of quotes from manuscipts written by people who had personal views of parts of the chaos.

Will Graves engineered a web based library of Federal Pension Applications transcriptions. He has been faithful to the accurate reading and transciption of very disorganized and some virtually unreadable original archives. Will also has a good book about Colonel James Williams available at

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