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Johnny has gone for a soldier

The auld Irish melody “Buttermilk Hill” was sung beside cradles through the centuries.
The words varied with mood and season.

Sell her flocks and sell her wheel to buy her love a sword to wield.

Then to the streets to beg for bread.

Elizabeth Colville Black Newell sent two sons, a brother, a nephew, three sons in law, and many neighbors to Kings Mountain.
Esther Houston Montgomery sent three sons, two sons in law and one chaplain.

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  1. Diane S Sanfilippo 5 January 2013 at 5:36 am Permalink

    Lillian McIlhany Bowen b.1709 Ireland, sent 8 or 9 sons to King’s Mountain, the youngest two following their older brothers, all officers, to the battle.
    Lt. Reese Tate Bowen, father of 8 children, died there 7 Oct 1780 at the age of 43. From the remainder of Lillian’s sons, all survived the war except the youngest, Moses, who died of Smallpox.
    This may be close to a record, although not all of the boys’ names are on the memorial, however their pension applications prove they were there.
    Also on King’s Mtn., and at Cowpens was Lt Col John Cunningham of Wilkes (later Elbert) Co., Georgia.
    Sure wish I could find other ancestors who fought on that fateful day, but so far, I have found only the two. Still looking though.

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