John Blackburn

Notes for John Blackburn:
A chronological list of events in the life of John Blackburn (source: The Benj. Blackburn Family and Blackburns in America, W.A. Challacombe)
1740 – born, probably in Chester County, Pennsylvania
1742-46 – moved to Frederick County, Va. , with his father and other members of the Blackburn Family
1764 – Feb, 9; received a grant of at least 200 acres in Frederick County on Mulberry Run from Lord Fairfax.
1765 – Apr 2; married Jane Mathews. She had lived 15 or 20 miles east of Mulberry Run on the Shenandoah River.
1769 – Aug 1; sold the land on Mulberry Run to Thomas Early for 80 pounds; probably moved that fall to the north line of Rockbridge County.
1773 – Left Augusta County. Moved down to Southwest Virginia and settled on Beaver Creek between Abingdon and Bristol.
1774 – Had a survey made of 78 acres on Beaver Creek.
1776 – Appointed by the Court with 2 others “to view the way from Camp Union to ? Mountain and report to the Court whether a bridal way can be had or not (pg 251)*
1778 – May; Served on the Grand Jury of Washington County, Va. (pg 1144)*
1778 – Aug;� Witness to the will Samuel Vance (pp 998 & 1144)
1779 – June; Served on the Jury. (pg 1033)
1780 – Oct 7; took part in the Battle of King’s Mountain
1780 – Nov 24; appointed administrator of the Estate of Lt. Wm. Blackburn, who was killed at King’s Mtn. (pg 1065)*
1781 – March; appointed by the Court as one of the appraisers of the estate of James Curry (pg 1071)
1782 – mentioned as one of the elders of the Presbyterian Church of Abingdon, Va. the “Sinking Springs Congregation” (pg 605)*
1782 – May; served on the Grand Jury (pg 1101)
1782 – Jul 16; mentioned as a legatee and executor in the will of Arthur Blackburn.
1782 – Aug 21; served on the jury of Cotter v. Galbraith (pg 1110)*
1782 – Aug 21; entered proof of the will of Arthur Blackburn and gave bond of 200 pounds as executor.
1782 – Nov 19; foreman of the Grand Jury (pg 1124)*
1783 – Moved from Beaver Creek to his future home of Long Creek in Jefferson County, Tennessee (then Green County, NC)
1785-1787 – Appointed by John Sevier, Governor of the “State of Franklin”, as Justice of the Peace. (N.C. Rev. Vol 22, pg 702)
1787 – Elder of Hopewell Presbyterian Church, organized at Dandridge, TN.
1787 – Sep 20; received Land Grant, probably for Revolutionary War services from state of North Carolina
(Grant #265, Book B, pg 36, Land Office, Nashville, TN)
1790 – Appointed by John Sevier, first Governor of Tennessee as Justice of the Peace.
1805 – Aug27; made his will.
1808 – Feb 9; died and buried at the old cemetery at Dandridge, TN
1818 – Apr 23 – Janet Blackburn, wife of John Blackburn died and was buried at Dandridge, TN

* page references are to Sumner’s Annuals of Washington County, Virginia

Last Will and Testament of John Blackburn – Appendix Item 1.

More About John Blackburn:
Military service: 07 Oct 1780, Took part in the Battle of King’s Mountain.
Occupation: Bet. 1785 – 1795, Justice of the Peace

More About John Blackburn and Janet Mathews:
Marriage: 04 Apr 1765, Winchester, VA5

Children of John Blackburn and Janet Mathews are:
+��� 13��� i.��� William3 Blackburn, born 07 Oct 1772; died 1856.
14��� ii.��� Alexander Blackburn, born 14 Jan 1766.

Notes for Alexander Blackburn:
Killed at Babson’s Ferry below Dandridge by the Indians, and is said to have been the first man buried at the Dandridge Cemetary.

15��� iii.��� Benjamin Blackburn, born 08 Mar 1767; died 1785.
16��� iv.��� Mary Blackburn, born 01 Nov 1768.� She married James Moyers 03 Nov 1789.

More About James Moyers and Mary Blackburn:
Marriage: 03 Nov 1789

+��� 17��� v.��� Andrew Blackburn, born 13 Dec 1770.
18��� vi.��� Grizelle Blackburn, born 27 Oct 1774.

Notes for Grizelle Blackburn:
Married her first cousin Gideon Blackburn