William Beattie

Page 174 – William Beaty…254 ac…Commissioners Certificate…on a branch of Holstein River, adjoining Doctor Thomas Walkers Patent line on the northwest side of the knobs on the other side…Beginning on Walkers line & corner to John Reids survey…on the northwest side of the knobs…April 20, 1782 – William Beaty, assignee of John Bailey…350 ac…on a branch of the Fifteen Mile Creek, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1772…August 17, 1781

Page 458 – James Kincannon – 9 ac – treasury warrant #15028 dated December 23, 1782 – on the waters of the middle fork of Holstein River – corner to William Beatie’s & Kincannon’s lands – crossing the big road – June 22, 1796