BKM Rosters

Thank Will Graves for his work on revapps.org in transcribing old manuscrips to readable form and organizing them. Thank Bobby Gilmer Moss for narrowing the pile of names of suspected BKM soldiers to those we can be sure of, then telling us more about them in The Patriots at Kings Mountain.

Alphabetic List 07Oct1780 BKM Soldiers and suspects from all sources

Future links:
Names from wherever reported to be BKM
Names without a credible link to BKM
After BKM prisoner gaurds with no link to the battle
BKM expedition members who did not get within earshot
BKM expedition within earshot and held in reserve or used non-battle assignments
.BKM Campaign not Battle Participants Bobby Gilmer Moss list
.BKM Patriot Battle Participants Bobby Gilmer Moss list of 851 from stated sources
.BKM Participants Bobby Gilmer Moss 1990 list- 2012 update
.BKM Freed Prisoners Patriot prisoners released from Ferguson’s Corps
BKM slaves and free persons of color
BKM Brits
BKM Tories

Col William Campbell’s Virginians
Col Isaac Shelby’s Cumberland Gap/Long ISland of Holston Crew
Col John Sevier’s Watauga Men
Col Benjamin Cleveland’s Wilkes County Minute Men
Col Charles McDowell’s Burke County Militia
.Lincoln County Men pdf
.Lincoln County Roster

Col Williams Sumter Remnant
Vols from scattered sources

Kings Mountain, Saturday, 07Oct1780, Campbell’s Corps