Bobby Gilmer Moss – updated list

Since Bobby Gilmer Moss advanced the ball to the best source of BKM patriots, the internet came along. 
Will Graves transcribed pension declarations so that we can read typed material instead of scribbled 
manuscripts. Unavailable to Bobby, the David Beattie and Reese Bowen ration rosters fill in gaps in 
Col Campbell's corps. 

For many of the soldiers, we have sworn testimony filled with illiteracy, guesses, fraud, and dementia. 
Footmen and rear guard soldiers who were not in the battle are among the list since somebody said I was 
at BKM vs I fought at BKM. Somebody could say I wore orange at the Vols defeat of the Fla State Half Noles. 
They probably did much less for the Vol National Championship victory than did Tee Martin and Peerless Price. 
Even Peyton Manning was a battle spectator.

Much more looking and sorting into piles remains for the true picture of the participants.

Columns are last name, first name, commander, captain, code, source, and noted.
Codes: A-additions to the 1990 list, D-mortally wounded, ?-research and deliberation is in order, 
K-died on the filed, W-wounded, X-I think removal to another list is in order.
Abston John R14
Adair John Major x w2895
Adams John
Adams John Carrol x W8312
Aiken Alexander
Alexander James Graham White, Isaac W12190 Moss says wounded-not
Alexander Joseph c s15355
Alexander Travis Herndon Lenoir papers
Allen David Surry S16601
Allison Hugh York R157
Amburgay John Wilkes  r174
Anderson John Wilkes w9329
Anderson Robert SC S17198
Anderson Robert Sevier W2579
Anderson William LI Holston S17198
Anderson William R206
Angel Lawrence Surry s31519
Anthony Philip Rowan s21046
Armstrong James Major several pensioners
Armstrong Matthew Graham Chronicle AA152A
Armstrong William SC Mills s6534
Asbury George Campbell Bowen a b19
Avery Chandler Lacey Avery a S10796 Lt
Avery George Lacey Capt a S10796
Ayers Elihu Wilkes R335
Bailey Alexander Rowan s32101
Bailey Daniel Wilkes r369
Bailey William Winston r373
Baker Absolom nc s35181
Baker Robert Campbell Edmondson s16628
Baker Charles Burke S31536
Baldridge John Graham capt w3976
Ballew Joseph McD S31541
Ballew Richard McDowell Fear, Edmund a s15305
Ballew Robert Cleveland Davenport S10350
Banning Benoni Campbell Edmondson w
Barker George Cleveland Lenoir s37710
Barkley Robert Graham w17252
Barnett Jacob Hampton capt k R5845
Barnett John Williams ensign a S9509
Barry Andrew Chronicle S9003
Bartlett William Campbell Craig Summers H
Barton John Wilkes r12277
Bean Richard Cleveland Phillips, James W5813
Bean Robert Sevier KK White
Beard William James Hill S2370
Beattie David Campbell capt
Beattie John Campbell Colville k
Beattie William Campbell capt
Beaty Andrew Shelby Maxwell S2989
Becknell Thomas Walton, Jesse Larkin a s12985
Beeler Jacob Shelby Pemberton S5277
Beeler Joseph Pemberton draper
Beene Jesse Sevier s8509
Benge brother k
Benge David Lewia Lewis S38530
Benge Obidiah w R743
Berry Enoch brother k w8128
Berry Enoch father k w8128
Berry James a KK White
Berry Enoch McDowell w8128
Beverly George Dementia fraud? ax R815
Biecknell Thomas Cleveland Herndon d R12399
Biffle Jacob Shelby S3003
Bigham Andrew Hampton Sharp, John S1639
Binkley Adam Surry Winston S1819
Bird John Union SC capt s39196
Black John Clarke r890
Black Joseph Campbell Dysart Eusebia
Blackburn William Campbell Colville k Jos Black
Blackwell John Cleveland Irwin s2083
Blair James Cleveland Barton, John S22125
Blair Samuel Clarke s3009
Blalock David Cleveland Gholson S3011
Blane George Hargrove Hezekiah x R929 Not at BKM in S5481
Blassingame John x S30576 No BKM
Blevins Daniel dementia fraud? x R815 S32182
Blevins Henry Shelby Elliott W1703
Blevins James dementia Fraud? S32121
Bowen Charles Campbell Bowen s16055
Bowen John Campbell Bowen a ex
Bowen Reese Campbell k B19
Bowman Essius Lewis, Joel free black
Boyce John sc kk white
Boyd John Cleveland Surry R1089
Boyd John Graham k
Boyd William Cleveland Cloyd S45878 Hopalong Cassidy
Boyer John SC Capt ??BKM S32125 King’s mountain September 30th 1780   — he marched from thence to Eutaw Springs
Boyers Michael Campbell Dysart s3022
Bracket Hawkins Cleveland r1121
Bradley John Graham James Miller x S31575 not bkm
Bradley William Carruth w s6794 Buffalo Creek-Broad River confluence
Brandon Gerard bragging? x led cavalry charge
Brandon John
Brandon Josiah Tory x W335
Brandon Richard bragging? Jolly w21714
Brandon Thomas colonel W21714
Brandon William sc w71
Brimer William Sevier Seier a w336
Broddy John Campbell slave black
Brooks George Roebuck S31574
Brown Benjamin Cleveland Lewis s16327
Brown Gabriel Williams ?? s11404 Capt John Brown?
Brown Jacob Sevier capt w333
Brown Jacob JR Sevier Brown w333
Brown John Cleveland Capt S17184
Brown John Sevier k KK White
Brown Joseph Sevier Sevier s17291
Brown Joseph Jr Williams W5744 Doak married Sevier, Moore
Brown Thomas Campbell Bowen w8381
Brown William Sevier x s31563 Arrived after it ended Brother of Joseph
Brumfield Humphrey Cleveland Parris S8105
Brymer Joseph a W5947
Bryson Andrew Iredell r1389 son in 1853
Bullen William Campbell w Draper papers
Burch William Cleveland Martin Sal w26976
Burchfield Meshack Campbell Camp, Jonathan s16668
Burns John Cleveland Lenoir s9118
Burns Laird Lacey s3091
Busby James SC w2995
Cade Drew Clarke Capt a S4194
Cadle Thomas Cleveland Vernon R1579
Caldwell Samuel Graham White w528
Caldwell Thomas Campbell lt s32292
Caldwell William Roebuck x w22727 n BKM mention
Callahan Joel Williams x S21110
Camp Jonathan McDowell capt S16699
Campbell David Campbell Draper papers
Campbell James Sevier Davis, Nathaniel w344
Campbell James York s30310
Campbell Jeremiah Sevier Sevier S3131
Campbell John Campbell Capt annals m Ruth Edmondson
Campbell Joseph Jr Campbell Edmondson  s2414
Campbell Patrick Campbell Edmondson S1914
Campbell Robert Campbell Dysart bro of Arthur
Campbell Solomon NC line ?? S39287 4 times at Camden
Campbell William Col Brigade Com
Campbell William SC r1632
Carothers Andrew TN Lt Draper Heroes
Carothers James Campbell Dysart ?? R9307 James was in continental   line
Carothers Thomas sc ?? s35809 fraud?
Carr Patrick Clarke Carr R10279
Carr William Shelby Pemberton s1896
Carroll Joseph sc 3 brothers? ?? W9778 Sumter’s remnant. None of wit: were   at BKM
Carson Samuel SC AA1096
Carson William sc fifer S9305
Carter Ephraim Cleveland Allen, Richardx x to  campaign list sick and discharged
Carter Giles Landon R1765
Carter William Cleveland Guess s9133
Caruthers John f s32163 BKM prisoner taken at Nobs Creek
Carwill Zachariah Campbell Clevland s9310
Case Isaiah Cleveland S16692
Cassell Ephraim Williams x R1792 Capt Hays killed at BKM
Caswell John Shelby Maxwell S3133
Cathey George McDowell Watauga S16699
Cavett Moses Shelby Capt R1820
Cavinder William Cleveland w6903
Chandler Josiah Cleveland Lenoir W8597
Chew William VA w Heitman lists William Chew but not   William Cox
Childress John Cleveland Sheppaard w s3146
Chittam John Hambright Martin w  s10116
Christian Gilbert Heroes
Chronicle William Graham Maj k Heroes
Clark John r1965
Clarke John Campbell Dysart r1990
Clarke Mordecai McD s31047
Clayton Coleman Williams W6692
Clements Cornelius Singleton Withrow s8218
Cleveland Benjamin Col Draper Heroes
Cleveland Robert Capt r8499
Clinton James SC s2437
Clowney Samuel Brandon Faris w9391
Cloyd Joseph Cleveland Capt w4832+
Cobb David Chronicle Lofton a r2071
Cocke William Summers H
Coffey Reuben Cleveland Guess S46916
Coiel James SC w S31624
Collins James P Chronicle Watson R2173
Collins John NC W6735
Colville Andrew Campbell Capt R7617+
Conn James Williams w s15386 not on plaque
Conner Isaac McDowell consolidated s10465
Conner William Winston Phillips s30955
Coombs William a w8757
Copeland John Lacey Loving a S30966
Covey Samuel Campbell Edmondson a s3190
Cox John Cleveland White a S21124
Cox Joseph Surry S41494
Cox William Shelby Capt w Heroes
Crabtree William Campbell Edmondson x w26445 with footmen
Craig James r2425
Craig John Shelby a R2426
Craig John Campbell Beaty, David S16740
Craig Robert Campbell Edmondson s17086
Crain William Cleveland S1753
Crawford John SC x r2470 Morgan not there
Creed Colbay f S32194
Cresson Andrew sc W6767
Creswell Andrew Campbell Colville s1948
Crockett Alexander Sevier R2496
Crockett John Shelby a
Crockett Robert Shelby Bledsoe S30353
Crossland John SC ? S18784 son said BKM, but no record
Crow James Campbell Heroes
Crum Adam McD s8260
Culbertson Josiah Gen Mason Thomas ? S16354 officers not there
Culbertson Robert Williams McMullen S21722 S9013 ensign
Culbertson Samuel Williams Capt s1585
Culton Joseph Campbell Edmondson s16742
Cunningham George Lacey W2071
Cunningham John SC Capt r2425
Cunningham John Clarke Maj ? W6752 No BKM in Heitman nor pension
Curren John Hill, Col AA1486
Curry James Campbell Edmondson k WC widow Curry
Cusick John Campbell Colville WC replaced rifle GCH
Darten Alexander Campbell a s30983 Fulkison
Darten Edward Campbell s30983 Barnett
Daugherty William Williams Ewing W3229
Davenport James Cleveland a s10350 with Robt Ballew
Davenport William Surry r2678
Davidson William Campbell Colville Draper papers
Davis Joel NC pension a Alderman
Davis John Campbell a KK White
Davis Nathaniel Shelby Maxwell S30366
Davis Robert Campbell a KK White
Davis Samuel Campbell a KK White
Davis Snead Cleveland Becknell S32205
Davis William Cleveland Lewis W8657
Davis William York W8653
Delaney William Shelby Draper
Dellinger John Graham W19080
Depriest William Sevier Beene S8319
Deshasure Henry SC S16362
Dickenson Henry Campbell Colville Draper
Dickey David Graham Draper South Fork men
Dickey John Williams w3962
Dickson Joseph Graham major S9003 took over when Graham left
Dillard James Williams Capt s6797
Dobson Joseph McD Watauga w w19187
Dollarhide John Cleveland Douglas  R3001
Douglas John Cleveland Williams S9509
Douglas Jonathan Campbell wa Summers
Douglass Edward Cleveland Lewis s3297 Dugless
Dryden Nathaniel Campbell Edmondson k Summers
Duckworth John Mcd Kennedy s6805
Dudley William Cleveland R3105
Duff David Cleveland Hall k
Duick Timothy SC
Dunn Alexander Clarke Watauga R3142
Dunn Josiah r3145
Dysart James Campbell Capt w wit: s17626
Dysart John McDowell  s3315
Earnest Felix Sevier Williams w7066 (Father Wm and brother James killed   at Cowan’s Ford)
Eberhart Jacob Mcd Lytle S31661
Edmondson Andrew Campbell Edmondson k
Edmondson Robert Campbell Colville k
Edmondson Samuel Campbell Edmondson
Edmondson William Campbell capt k
Edmondson William Campbell maj
Edmondson William Campbell pvt d 1832
Edmondson, Jr Robert Campbell Edmondson w
Edwards Andrew R3262 wit: Scruggs
Elder Robert Campbell Dysart s12865
Elliot James sc McClure ex
Elliott Arthur R3300 wit: son
Elliott James Shelby capt w1703
Elliott Thomas Shelby r3294 f/u
Enlow Potter sc Roebuck W11912 bro of James Enlow
Epperson Thompson Cleveland Guess W7115
Erwin Alexander mcd Watauga w25701
Erwin Arthur tryon McCall
Espey James Graham White s31669
Espey Samuel Graham w s6824
Evans Andrew Campbell Colville s3341
Evans Andrew Campbell Dysart w10019
Evans Elisha Williams McMullen  S6830
Evans Phillip Locke Minor Smith w5272
Ewin Hugh Campbell Heroes
Ewing Nathaniel
Fagon John Shelby w Heroes
Fain Ebenezer Sevier Taylor w r3421 Clarke to Watauga
Fair Barnabas Cleveland Monor Smith s12895
Faris Alexander sc w2071
Fear Edmond McDowell lost rifle
Ferguson Andrew s32243y
Ferrell Smith Sevier sevier S1513 free black
Fields John Shelby r3529
Fields John Williams Capt John Smith w S8471
Findley John Campbell Edmondson
Finley George s31043
Finn Peter Sevier sevier S32244
Fisher Frederick Campbell Dysart w
Fisher John Ferguson prisoner f W25580
Fitzpatrick John W7276 horse shot
Flower William Campbell Summers History
Floyd Andrew Graham S21757
Forbes John mcd W25591
Forgason James Campbell Guess, Moses r3664
Forney Abraham Graham w3976
Fortune William continental ?a R20370
Fox John Cleveland Lewis w r3734
Frame William Campbell Bowen b19
Franklin Jesse Cleveland capt R7057
Franklin John Tory x r3756
Franklin Stephen Cleveland Cleveland s15432
Frost Micajah Sevier Finley s31043
Frost Simon Campbell Dysart a R9307 confirmed neighbor WC   surveys
Fugate James Campbell Cloyd S15846
Fugate Jonathan Edmondson R3825
Fulp Peter Surry Sheppard W5278 from Roanoke
Furgason James Graham Isaac White s1816
Galliher Joel Campbell Annals horse killed
Gamble George Campbell Edmondson s10720
Gambrill Martin Cleveland Hall w w7504
Gann Nathan Sevier Taylor S1820
Garrison William Campbell Bowen a b19
Gaston William Roebuck S32265
Gebie John Lacey Hill w
Gentry David Cleveland W7511
Gentry Richard Sevier x w8844 near
Gibson Billingsby Campbell fraud? x  S1761 Yellow Mtn draft Rockbrige
Gibson Samuel Campbell Neal W9450
Giles William Williams w Heroes
Gilkey Samuel Brandon R4019
Gilleland John Sevier w
Gilley Francis Campbell Hall R4035
Gilliland James Campbell Colville S15852
Gilmer Enoch Graham Chronicle Heroes
Gilmer William Graham Chronicle w Heroes
Gilmore Joseph sc W355
Gist Benjamin Sevier KK White
Gist Nathaniel Campbell Edmondson Draper
Gist Richard Campbell Edmondson Draper
Glenn James Graham  S21768
Glover Benjamin Cleveland Judd x S16829
Glover William Cleveland x W929 Shallow Ford
Goff Andrew Campbell Craig n annals Lt Bartlett, not Barnett
Goforth Miles Campbell Bowen w R8973
Goforth Preston Hampton k Heroes
Good William Sevier Clark, Benj W1413
Goodlett William Williams Collins W8857
Gordon Charles Cleveland w draper
Graham William Col Tryon ?? draper per Dickson, he left
Grant William Brandon McJunkin W1757
Grant, Sr William sc W7654
Gray James Campbell Miller S6928 Tryon
Gray William sc Laurens R4232 Capt Lopp, 1st Lt Shelvy
Green William Campbell Bowen W24319 treated wounded Tory
Greer Alexander Sevier Heroes
Greer Joseph Shelby congress Philadelphia
Greever Philip Campbell Cam-Preston
Gregory James Sevier Patterson R4292
Grider Martin Cleveland Keys S31078
Grier John Sevier Brown w S1906
Griffin Ralph Lacey S16389
Griffis William Perdue Lewis, Jo w R4323
Guess Benjamin Cleveland Guess S32283
Guess Moses Cleveland Capt W11072
Guess William Cleveland Guess W21239
Hadden Elisha Sevier Wilson R4412
Hall John Shelton S2589
Hall John Lewis Lewis a S30451
Hambright Frederick Graham lt col w R4504
Hambright John Graham  W932
Hamilton Charles Graham Henry w  r4512 slight
Hamilton Joshua Shelby S2608
Hammett William Clarke capt R4528
Hammom John Cleveland Gambrill S9559
Hammond Martin Brandon Jolly w
Hammond Samuel Maj S21807
Hampton Andrew Col SS7945
Hampton Joel Cleveland Lewis R4547
Hand Samuel Brandon Jolly W10
Handley Samuel Sevier Lt S1911
Haney Francis Shelby Caldwell S32292
Hanna Robert
Hannah Andrew Cleveland Smith W794
Hannah William Cleveland Smith a S13795 k
Hansley Robert Shelby Maxwell S4323
Hardin Benjamin Davidson capt S32293
Hardin John capt x S4432
Hardin, Jr Benjamin Davidson Hardin S32293
Harris Edward f
Harris John Campbell Campbell W24391
Harrison Gideon Sevier Wilson S2602
Harrold Jeremiah sc S17467
Hartley Laban Craig S21269 Rowan Co
Harvey John capt S32429
Harwell Andrew Williams Douglas a S31104
Hawkins Thomas Lacey Avery S10796
Hawthorne James Col in charge of Hill’s troops
Hayes Joseph Williams lt col
Hays Charles Campbell Bowen B19
Hays George Roebuck W7635
Hayter Israel Campbell Dysart w John Scott
Heard Richard Clarke ? W4229 son Charles thinks
Helton Peter Clarke Dooly ?? R4854 not in 2d deposition
Hemphill Thomas McD Watauga W4234
Henderson John Williams  R4869
Henderson Robert Williams Roebuck S31738 15 days with wounded
Henderson Thomas Lacey W10102 widow thinks
Heniger Henry Campbell k draper
Henry James Draper
Henry John Graham Henry k r4382
Henry Joseph Graham Henry, Malcolm W10096
Henry Malcolm Neal Sadler S21768
Henry Moses Graham Capt d R4382
Henry Robert Graham Chronicle w W22727
Henson Paul Cleveland Gordon x W9480 fighting Indians
Henson Robert Brandon Slaughter w R4902 Dr Mattan 96
Herndon Benjamin Cleveland Capt W18824
Herndon Joseph Cleveland maj x remained with foot soldiers
Hice Conrad Campbell Dysart W4453
Hice George Campbell Dysart R5045
Hice Jacob Campbell Dysart R5045
Hice Leonard Campbell Dysart w S8713 Dr Fisher 2 yrs
Hicks John Williams w AA3586
Higson Daniel Williams W25769
Hill James Campbell Bowen a B19
Hill James Graham W3815
Hill Thomas Graham White W663
Hill William col x scx1 Hawthorne
Hillen George Cleveland DeMoss S7006
Hodge George Mcd Woods W4234 stayed with horses
Hofstalar George Graham White  S15176 mistress dead by his side
Hogan David Campbell Edmondson r5101
Holland Charles sc S7027 Burke
Holleyfield Valentine Underwood a? W19822
Hollingsworth Benjamin Williams Young Heroes
Hollis John Lacey Capt S21827
Hood Thomas Cleveland Cleveland, John S4379 Mixed Burke and Wilkes company
Hooker William Winston Cloyd W10119 among last to arrive at battle
Horton Abraham Shelby Cox w7778
Horton John Cleveland Lewis W367
Houser John powder wagon x W9650
Houston James Campbell Edmondson S1914,
Houston John Campbell Russell Summers Campbell-Preston papers
Houston Samuel Lacey  W3810
Howe David sc Hawthorne  S13422
Hudgins Ambrose sc R5321, widow said
Hudgins John QM R7515
Hudson Hall Campbell Cloyd R5331 disch Campbell and Shelby
Hughes Fraancis Sevier watauga S3075 McDowell
Hughes Joseph Clarke S31764
Hughes Peter Campbell Craig W7823
Hughey George sc Withrow S21306
Hughlett William Thrift express W4996
Humphreys William Williams QM W4000
Hunt Esli Sevier Russell S7054
Hunt Howell Cleveland Cleveland  R5396 widow said
Hunter Dempsey Sevier  R5399
Hutson George Sevier Brown S3516
Ingram john Brandon R5483 widow thinks
Isbell James Cleveland Isbell W7863
Isbell Pendleton SC
Jackson William Cleveland Capt Heroes
James Joseph Rogers Shelby w S32340
Jefferies John sc burke
Jeffers Berry sc
Jewell William McDowell Camp S1837
Johnson Alexander Cleveland Gambrill R15508
Johnson Arthur Woodson W10152
Johnson James Graham Capt Heroes
Johnson James Lacey McClure W9088
Johnson John Moses Sevier Wilson R5666
Johnson Samuel Cleveland Lewis w W5012
Johnston John york w7942 widow heard
Johnston Martin ? W436 noBKM in 1818 pension
Johnston William Graham capt W19187
Jolly Benjamin Brandon capt
Jones Benjamin sc R5746
Jones Benjamin Winston Smith S7076
Jones Darling Sevier
Tennessee Records:   Tombstone Inscriptions and Manuscripts
Jones Freeman f W7900
Jones Gabriel Armstrong commissary ? S36652
Jones John Shelby Martin R5719 Sevier, not Shelby?
Jones John Williams Hayes W373,
Jones Joseph McDowell S2652
Jones Thomas R5735 per widow
Jordan James Williams Moffett S32346
Judd John Cleveland Heroes
Judd Rowland Cleveland Heroes
Kanseiar John sc Polk
Keele Richard Sevier Williams S1977
Kell Robert Williams McMillan S32355
Keller Devault sc w S32358
Kelly John Hampton R5845
Kelso Alexander w9493
Kelso Samuel sc w9493
Kenedy William Brandon
Kennedy David Sevier Wilson S2858
Kennedy Robert Campbell Beattie
Kennedy Thomas McD capt S31185
Kennedy William Brandon S2695,
Kerby Christopher Winston Sheppard S32356
Kerr David McDowell McCall w R5890
Kerr Joseph Williams S4469
Keys James Campbell Beattie S15907
Kilgore Charles Campbell Dysart w Draper
Kincaid John york W12029
Kincannon Andrew Campbell
Kincannon George Shelby Christian took command for a downed captain
King James Shelby Maxwell S4477
King Peter W7981
Kirkwood David ? W29916 campaign vs battle
Knight John sc R6026
Knox Hugh sc York ? W10189 chased Indians?
Lacey Edward Col
Lafoy James Cleveland Philips S10971
Laird James Campbell d
Lamme Samuel Buchanan R6103 f/u
Lane Isaac Sevier Russell R6137
Large Thomas sc ? R6164 per widow
Large William sc ? R6165 per widow same story as R6164
Laughlin Thomas Shelby Pemberton W9112
Lawrence Clayborn w-s R6196
Lawson Moses w-s Cloyd W5019
Layman John Sevier Henley a S3388
Ledbetter George Hampton Capt Heroes
Lee Abner Campbell McCulloch R6257
Leeper Matthew Graham White W26205,
Lenoir William Cleveland Capt w S7137,
Lewis James Martin Cleveland w w7511
Lewis Joel Cleveland Capt w W780,
Lewis Micajah Cleveland Capt w
Lewis Thomas Cleveland Henderson ? S7139 Crider’s Fort
Lindsay James f
Livingston John Cleveland r6393
Lockridge James GA W472
Lofton Andrew sc ? S17114 Thomas said Andrew left
Lofton Thomas Graham capt S17114
Logan Drury freed fa W5464,
Logan James Campbell McCulloch Summers
Logan Joseph Cleveland Lenoir R6413
Logan William Graham Beattie ?? S18955
Loggins John Cloyd R6414
Long David sc Simmons W2
Long John Shelby Draper
Love Charles nc R6466
Love Hezekiah a KK White p132
Love William a W956
Lovelady Thomas Campbell Edmondson W12148
Loving Christopher Lacey McGriff S38153
Lowe Willaim Cleveland Smith S13795,
Lowry David Campbell Beattie a B8
Lusk Samuel McDowell Wood W8092
Lyon (Jr?) Humberson Campbell Edmondson k ensign but WC ongoing records
Macke Samuel McDowell Wood W7385
Mahone Michael Sevier k
Majors Thomas Cleveland Lewis S30564
Mann Thomas sc S30983
Marler Joseph sc McCreery R6934
Martin Edward sc McClure W21746
Martin Jacob Cleveland Sigman S7172
Martin Obidiah Cleveland Martin, Sal R6976,
Martin Salathiel Cleveland Capt W1044
Martin Samuel Graham capt S9003
Martindale James Brandon Young R6979
Mason Philip Cleveland Hardin S8994
Mattocks Charles Graham Mattocks
Mattocks John Graham capt k
Maxwell George Shelby capt
Maxwell Thomas Shelby
Maxwell William Houston, James R7046,
May Thomas Cleveland Franklin R7057
Mayes Samuel Williams Crawford W2140
McAlister Andrew sc Irwin R6602
McBee Silas Brandon Thompson x S7202, 2 days late
McBee Vardry Roebuck capt w8844
McCall James sc Lt Col
McCallon Jamaes york Love S2779
McCance David Williams S16464
McClaskey Joseph Abbeville W1449
McClure John Miller Capt W25692
McCool John Brandon Capt 20 men
McCorkle Abraham Neel
McCorkle Francis Rowan NC
McCormick Joseph Clarke a S32405
McCormick William Shelby Pemberton r6648
McCroskey John Campbell Edmondson S2781
McCulloch John Campbell McCulloch S7204 son of Thomas
McCulloch Robert Campbell McCulloch w Summers son of Thomas
McCulloch Thomas Campbell Edmondson d
McCullough John Alexander Reese ?? S32404
McCutchen John not BKM? X S32406
McDaniel Henry Lynch Arthur w R6678
McDaris Rice Cleveland Allen R6685
McDowell, Capt Joseph McDowell capt
McDowell, Maj Joseph McDowell major
McElhaney Samuel Lacey Mills W12455
McElhaney William Lacey Mills R6697,
McElheney Stephen Lacey Mills a S21368
McFadden Alexander Porter Maybe BKM? S8887
McFatrick John Hammond? SC W9556 widow
McFerren William Campbell Colville
McGaughey Samuel Shelby Pemberton W9981
McGilly James Campbell Beattie a b8
McGuire John sc R6728 child said
McJunkin Daniel Brandon W9190 child said
McKennon John a R6751 widow said
McKenzie Joseph  sc
McKinney William Shelby S16470 Clarke remnant
McKinnon John sc
McKnight Robert Campbell Beattie b8
McKnight William, Roebuck Parsons S32407
McLaen Alexander Cleveland Chronicle S17575
McLain John Porter Capt S31853
McLane Peter Sevier Kennedy S2858
McLean Charles Graham
McLean Ephrain Graham
McLean William Graham doctor
McMahan Redmon sc ? R6785
McMaster William Williamson R21675, per child
McMennamy William Williams McMullen S9013
McMullen John Williams Capt S9013
McMurry Samuel Hardin a R6798
McNabb David Sevier Capt a w7438
McNabb John Sevier a KK White
McQeen John Sevier Robison S30577
McWhirter James McDowell R6818 Squabble State
Meek Alexander Campbell Edmondson S7218,
Meek James york Capt
Meek Samuel Campbell Dysart s7218
Meredith William Cleveland capt
Merritt James Cleveland Smith S21883
Metcalf Lanza McDowell Miller W4280
Metcalf Warner McDowell Miller w4281
Miller David Rutherford
Miller James Hampton capt W4281 age 55?
Miller John Lacey adjutant a S38950
Miller John sc Mills
Miller Robert Lacey w W5376
Mills John Lacey Capt
Mitchell David Williams McMullen S9013
Mitchell William Williams McMullen S4221
Moffett John Lacey capt
Montgomery Alexander Campbell Beattie a B8
Montgomery Alexander, Jr Campbell Beattie a B8
Montgomery Samuel Campbell Beattie a b8
Mooney Martin Cleveland Lewis S38234
Moor John Davis W4035 per widow
Moore Burt Watauga W2155
Moore Charles Brandon Smith W24005
Moore John Campbell Beattie a b8
Moore John Cleveland Lewis ex
Moore John Williams major W9206 Cherokee Ford walked at end
Moore John Williams major x W9205
Moore Samuel Hambright
Moore Thomas sc remnant S1858,
Moore William Campbell Beattie w Heroes
Moore William Sevier Wilson S2858 Capt James Wilson (Daniel Kennedy Lt   & Peter McLane Ens)
Morrell Thomas Shelby Pemberton S4241
Morris George Cleveland R7411
Morrison Peter Heroes
Morrison William McDowell capt  W1455 Watauga
Morrow Samuel Lacey W21825
Morton David Clarke Smith, James S21380
Murphey Edward Campbell Christian S1569
Murphy James McDowell R7512
Murphy Patrick Sevier w kk White
Musick Lewis Graham spy S31853 captured Ferguson’s cookNeely
Neely Jacob Williams S7264
Neely Joseph Mebane w S31879 w/another wounded and two escorts to   Caswell Co
Neely Thomas Williams Douglas a S9509
Neighbors Benjamin Hampton w S19000
Neill John Shelby R7578
Nelson Hanse Cleveland Isbell W1462 per widow
Neville Jesse McDowell watauga S21899
Newell Samuel Campbell Colville w r7617
Newton Benjamin Williams Douglas a S16493
Newton Benjamin Chronicle Mattocks W21837
Nichols Joshua Rowan capt S32414
Nixon John Lacey Capt W3033
Nobles Lewis Sanders Roebuck R7683
Nolen William ?? S30623 skirmish at crossroads
Norris Jacob Sevier Heroes
Norris John Cleveland Lewis R7700
Nunn Iba Campbell Dysart a R9307 confirmed neighbor WC   surveys
O’Bannon Benjamin Clarke Shelby, Moses S31886
Oliver Thomas ??
O’Neill Walter McDowell Sorrels S7281
Outlaw Alexander Campbell Colville Summers
Overstreet William Lenoir Herndon ?? footman?
Owen David Cleveland x R16881 in time to guard prisoners
Owens Bernard Cleveland Lenoir a R7847
Ownby James Sevier Williams W3712
Oxer George R7851
Paine Edmund Cleveland Underwood S3624
Palmer Joseph Lacey Capt
Palmer Thomas Brandon Jolly ?? nursed Martin Hammond
Paris Robert Campbell Young S31287
Parker Elisha Brandon S11354 ?Sevier
Parks Henry Cleveland Guest w S31898,
Parmly John Cleveland Cleveland s30637
Patrick Robert sc W21925 per son
Patten Thomas Campbell Hardy S32429
Patterson Arthur Jr f Watauga?
Patterson Arthur Sr kx
Patterson James Cleveland Williams f W10861
Patterson John Clarke Dunn S17626
Patterson Thomas Shelby rifle f
Patterson William f
Patton Robert Rutherford Capt W4758
Pearce James Sevier capt W5529,
Pearson Abel Sevier Brown S3661,
Peden Samuel sc capt ?? S30649
Peery John Campbell Edmondson w By David E. Johnson   (1906)
Pemberton John Shelby capt
Pennel Reuben Armstrong Sheppard W5519
Pepper Elisha K?? Summers
Peters John Shelby Pemberton Heroes
Phillips James Campbell Dysart kx B8
Phillips Joseph Cleveland capt S10971
Porter James Hampton major w
Porter Robert Hampton R8352
Porter William Hampton Porter
Prather Thomas Lenoir a S17030
Preston Robert Campbell a Summers Married 3 days
Prewett William Brandon Duff R8460
Prewitt Solomon
Price Thomas Clarke Capt W1076
Price William McDowell Price w1072
Price, Jr Thomas Clarke Price
Prichard Edward
Primes Record Williams ?? r8486 was in every battle fought?
Proffitt William Cleveland wagoner R8499
Pruitt Martin Campbell Edmondson S32455
Pryor Matthew Williams Douglas S3747
Purselly William Campbell Tipton R8523
Putnam John Brandon Capt
Quinton James Lacey
Quinton Samuel Williams Farr S32461
Rabb William Chronicle kx Alexander K or W?
Ramsey James Lacey
Ratchford Joseph SC Henderson W3866 per widow
Rawls William sc Fennell S47905
Reed Abraham Campbell Beattie S4052
Reed Joseph Cleveland Lewis w W1484
Reed (Reid) John Campbell qm W26946
Renick James Williams S14262
Reynolds Elisha Cleveland ? W4060 baggage
Reynolds Ezekiel Sheppard ? S2013 Shallow Ford
Rhea John Campbell
Richardson Amos Campbell Russell S31932
Ridge William Cleveland Martin, Sal d W1044
Ridley William Cleveland Lewis S41980
Riggs Bethuel Cleveland  capt x S17046 rear guard
Roberts James Cleveland Sheppard W4063
Roberts Reuben Lytle Lytle W1492
Robertson Charles Sevier major W257
Robertson William McDowell Hampton w Draper Mrs McDowell
Robertson William Sevier Robertson S4790
Robinson David Campbell Beattie a B8
Robinson Moses Campbell Beattie a B8
Roebuck Benjamin sc capt
Rogers Ezekiel SC ?? R8941
Roler Martin Luther
Roper Roger a KK White 1833 Jefferson Co TN
Rose John Shelby W18824
Ross John sc a S31336
Rowan Benjamin sc
Rowland Peter Campbell Craig S39047
Runyon Adam officer mismatch ?? R9082
Russell Andrew Campbell Capt a B8
Russell George Sevier lt KK White
Russell William Campbell Edmondson kk White Neel
Rutledge George Shelby Christian kk White
Sailors Philip Graham McKissick R9143
Salisbury Andrew Taylor Alexander S18195 McDowell
Sartor William Brandon Farr W8700
Sawyers John Shelby capt
Scarbrough James Williams a S7467
Scott John Campbell Dysart S32509 Helped Hayter home
Scott John Williams
Scott Samuel Campbell Dysart R9307 James Carothers, William   Scott, Simon Frost, Ila Nunn
Scott Thomas Campbell Neel r9313 wit James Carothers
Scott Thomas Cleveland Barton w5997
Scott William Campbell Dysart a R9307 confirmed neighbor WC   surveys
Seamons Joseph Cleveland w S3909
Sevier Abraham Sevier Sevier S1589
Sevier James Sevier Sevier s45889 Maybe Joseph Sevier, too
Sevier John Sevier Lt Col KK White
Sevier Robert Sevier capt d kk White
Sevier Valentine Sevier capt w6011
Shannon Robert Locke Henry
Sharp Adam f S7496
Sharp Benjamin Campbell Craig S17086
Sharp John Pemberton Draper
Sharp William Williams Jolly draper
Shaw William Brandon Moffett R9446
Shelby David Shelby a kK White
Shelby Evan Jr Shelby major kK White
Shelby Isaac Shelby Col kK White
Shelby James Shelby a KK White
Shelby John Shelby Capt a kk White
Shelby Moses Shelby Capt w Draper
Shelby Thomas Shelby a KK White
Shelton George McElhenny S4670
Sheppard James Cleveland Capt
Sherrill George Sevier Williams S3902
Sherrill Ute Sevier R17811
Shipp Richard Williams Cloyd R9515
Shipp Thomas Cleveland Cloyd s7487
Shote Thomas Campbell Colville kk white
Sidebottom Joseph W8727 negro
Sigman John McDowell
Simmons John Campbell Neal
Simpson Edmond Cleveland Allen S21974
Sims James Campbell Colville S4840
Singleton Richard Rutherford major
Siske Daniel Cleveland k
Skain Adam SC ?? S11404 only a wit/ said BKM
Skeggs John Campbell Bowen w
Slappy Henry Hampton Alexander
Smart John Hampton k
Smith Benjamin Clarke Smith f S38387
Smith Daniel McDowell
Smith David unlikely ?? W25006,
Smith Edward Campbell Colville W9301
Smith John Lovell Shepherd S4852 Gen Armstrong, Capt Gideons, Lt   Humphreys
Smith Jonas Campbell Dysart S7565
Smith Minor Cleveland Capt w
Smith Nathan Cleveland R9816
Smith William Rowan Co Holmes S7536
Smith Zebulon Shelby Webb S1876
Smithpeter John Michael Sevier Sevier W3730
Snodgrass James Campbell Dysart draper
Snodgrass William Campbell Colville X927
Speltz John Shelby Sevier S14548
Stagel James Campbell Hays
Starke Robert Hammond Taylor
Starnes Joseph Campbell Neal S7600
Starnes Nicholas Campbell Crabtree W26445
Steel John Lacey Capt
Steele William Sevier k
Steen James Kx
Stephenson David SC ? R10141DS per widow
Stephenson John officer mismatch ? W6204
Stinson James Sevier Capt
Stonecypher John Cleveland Sheppard ? S16539 footman?
Story Henry Brandon Williams S32537
Story John Williams W1507
Stroud Matthew Nall Hatley ? S3980
Strozier Peter Clarke Carr R10279
Stuart James Lacey Steele r10279
Sturgeon James Crockett Hays R10286
Sulcer William Campbell Colville W9687
Sutherland John unlikely Continental ? S39098
Tanner Josiah Williams McBee w W9503,
Tate Samuel Lacey Capt
Taylor Christopher Sevier capt R10420
Taylor George McDowell capt S1728 watauga
Thomason George Cleveland Phillips S7712
Thompson Burwell Williams Roebuck S3801
Thompson James McDowell Wood S32014
Thompson John Brandon capt
Thompson Stephen Williams Culbertson S1595
Thompson William Hammond W1001 per widow
Thornton Samuel McDowell McDowell R10571
Tilley John Surry Good W4832
Tinsley Golden Williams Williams S18246 Capt David
Tipton John Sevier major W1098
Titus Ishmael Cleveland Cleveland R10623 negro
Toms Thomas Maxwell w Va3
Toney Abraham Brandon Roebuck R10642
Townsend Thomas Dougherty S31428 Captain Wm Dougherty,   Lieutenant Trimble and Ensign Armstrong
Trammel Peter Clarke watauga R10674 brother wounded
Trammel William Brandon
Trollinger Henry Campbell Trigg ? W4087 Shallow Ford?
Tubb John Graham Carruth w S32560
Twitty William Graham spy
Van Hook Jacob Williams Douglas S9509
Vance David McDowell watauga
Vance James Campbell Craig S7782 cared for Newell
Vance Samuel Campbell Colville S1882
Vernon Richard Campbell Smith S13795,
Vickers John Cleveland Lenoir
Waddell John R10978 per widow
Waggoner Christopher McDowell Sigman R10995
Wakefield Henry McDowell Russell w W35
Walker Archibald ? NC9
Walker Elijah W6404 per widow
Walker Isaac Cleveland DeMoss S3446
Walker Robert Lacey w
Walker William Singleton Rankin S32573 mother to Watauga
Wallace John Pope Barnet, Murphrey a S9517 Captain Murphrey Barnet,   Lt Hugh Hetherly, Col Pope to BKM. Served with Jeremiah Greene, John Haggard,   Hugh Hetherly, Snead Davis,1 John Hays,2
Wallace John York Neel a S17178
Wallace John Barbour Wilburn Pratley, James Davis,   Michael Martin, Moses Martin, John Dunn, William McGlathlin Pvts. James Giles   & James Cruse officers
Wallace John Lacey
Wallace John Shelby
Wallace John Love McCool r11065 per widow BLWt227462-1855
Wallace Samuel Cleveland unmentioned ?? R11071 per widow
Wallace Thomas Shelby capt W11739
Walling Jesse Cleveland major S17184 then hung Tories
Walling William Shelby Elliott S1935
Walton, Jr William Cleveland Brown S17184
Walton, Sr William Cleveland Brown S17184
Ward James Shelby spy a R11116
Warford Benjamin Brandon Hughes W8977
Watkins George Brandon Draper
Watson George Sevier Wilson S16287
Watson John Campbell Capt a W3900 Watauga
Watson Nathaniel Cleveland Bostick S3454
Watson Samuel Polk x S17187 not in battle
Watson William Lacey k Draper
Watson William McDowell watauga x s3781 not in battle
Watson William continental ?? w r11207 per widow
Watson Chronicle Capt d r2412
Weaver Frederick Sevier Pemberton BLWt40920-160-55
Weaver Samuel Sevier Wilson S3516
Webb Benjamin Shelby Webb S3487
Webb George Shelby Webb W6445
Webb Jonathan Shelby Capt S3487
Webb Moses Shelby S35113
Weir James Campbell Edmondson R11287
Weir John Sevier Weir x S1781  not bkm
Weir John Graham Scout kk white
Weir Jonathan Campbell Beattie a B8
Weir Samuel Sevier capt Draper
Wheatley George Cleveland Herndon x W9886 per widow footmen under Herndon
Whelchel Davis Brandon Whiteside x R11388 not BKM
Whelchel Francis, Jr Brandon
Whelchel Francis, Sr Brandon surgeon
Whelchel John Williams Thompson w6498
Whelchel William Brandon w6498
White Benjamin Campbell heroes
White Isaac Graham Capt S16176
White Joseph McDowell major w1455 Same as Major?
White Joseph James W1455? Capt w Draper Watauga
White Thomas Graham Whiteside w1047 Lt
White Vincent officer mismatch ?? R11445
White William Lacey McClure W8995
Wilbanks Gillam Brandon Young R11508
Wilbanks William Brandon Young R11508 Gillam Wilbanks, Isaac Barnett, Jacob Barnett, James Putnam,   John Sparks & Charles White
Wilfong John McDowell Sigman w S7951 paid negro Watauga
Williams Daniel Williams Capt Draper som of Col James
Williams Frederick R11603
Williams James McDowell S31487
Williams James Williams Col w Draper
Williams Joseph Williams Draper son of James
Williams Samuel Sevier Capt w3712
Williford Nathan Roebuck s32966
Willoughby John Campbell Beattie B8
Willoughby Matthew Campbell Beattie
Willoughby William Campbell Dysart
Wilson James Sevier Capt S2858
Wilson John Campbell Cloyd W2391
Wilson Joseph Campbell Edmondson S15907
Wilson Robert w216 per widow
Winston Joseph major Draper
Witherspoon David Cleveland Draper
Witherspoon John Cleveland Draper
Withrow James Cleveland Singleton S6403
Wolf Lewis Cleveland Vernon W4403,
Wood Jonathan Campbell KK White Vernon and four died
Wood Samuel McDowell Capt ?? W1455 resigned
Wosson William Campbell Edmondson S18670
Wyley James Cloyd Gamble W26145
Yancey Ambrose Campbell Colville S46059 Lt Newell
Young Alexander Shelby S35755
Young Isham Shelby Maxwell W9042
Young John Shelby Maxwell
Young John Campbell KKWhite
Young Robert Sevier
Young Samuel Campbell Montgomery S32621
Young Thomas Brandon major S10309
Young Wiliam Campbell KKWhite
Young William Brandon capt