Fleeing from Patrick Ferguson’s redcoats and his orgainzed Tories after several patriot losses in battles and skirmishes, Several of Georgia’s Col Clarke regiment and Burke County NC’s Col. McDowell regiment took refuge with the Watauga River settlements. Some even moved their families for fear of their lives. Word of Ferguson’s threat to “come over the mountain, hang the leaders, and lay waster with fire and the sword” spread around the upper Holston River valley. Col Isaac Shelby, Col John Sevier, and Col William Campbell, the militia leaders, called out the troops. They agreed to meet at Sycamore Shoals on Monday 25Oct1780. They did not wait for formal orders from their governors in Virginia and North Carolina.

The first muster, which led Samuel Newell to Kings Mountain in pursuit of Ferguson, was on his uncle Andrew Colville’s farm near his mom and dad’s “Newells improvement.” It was about 600 of Col Arthur Campbell and Col William Campbell’s Washington County militia and support people from which about 400 proceeded to the second muster on the Watauga with Col Sevier and Col Shelby.

The day by day map zooms away and centers up to show the day by day thumb tacks of the overmountain expedition. Then you may start the march of the thumbtacks from A to Z, well B to S. The overmountain Trail National Park links show their maps. The topo map buttons let you center one up and  zoom in to see the streams and hills closer to the terrain of 1780. You may click back and forth on map to see today’s highways or on satellite to see today’s development of the turf secured by the 1780 patriotsor back to topo. The links are in fresh windows which let you junp back to this window for reference. Keep your copy of Lyman Draper’s Kings Mountain and its Heroes on the table or in your lap while you refer to these maps to translate the place names Draper uses uses. These are also the places the soldiers memtion in thei 1830s pension depositions. Close the map window after you have zoomed around Elizabethton. Click on Day by Day again and cener up on C. When you have seen enough, close out Yellow Mountain and return here for D.

B- 25Oct1780 Sycamore Shoals, aka Watauga Shoals, today Elizabethton
C  26Sep1780 Shelving Rock aka Doe River, today near Roan Mountain TN State Park
D  27Sep1780 over Yellow Mountain, today’s Roaaring Creek, SW of today’s Banner Elk NC
E  28Sep1780 Cathey’s Plantation, south of todaay’s Spruce Pine TN
F  29Sep1780 Turkey Cove and G North Cove across the Blue Ridge toward Marion NC
H 30Sep1780 Quaker Meadows, today’s Morganton NC
I   01Oct1780 Bedford’s Hill
J  02Oct1780 Marlin’s Knob
K  04Oct1780 Gilbert Town, north of Today’s Rutherfordton NC
L  05Oct1780 Alexander’s Ford at Green River
M 06Oct1780 Cowpens, east of Today’s Chesnee SC
N  07Oct1780 Cherokee Ford, Broad River between Gaffney and Blackburg SC
O  07Oct1780 Kings Mountain
P  09Oct1780 Felix Walker Plantaion today’s Gaffney SC
Q 14Oct1780 Widow Biggerstaff’s on Cane (Cain) Creek
R 14Oct1780 Shallow Ford of Yadkin
S  15Oct1780 Bethabara aka Old Salem aka Moravian Towns, today’s Winston Salem NC


The soldiers of the Battle of Kings Mountain began to disperse after spending Sunday 08Oct1780 to clean up the battlefield. Some cared for the wounded and helped them off to medical care such as it was. Some buried the dead or took bodies to their place of burial. Prisoners were separated into Red Coat and Tory groups. The enemy weapons were gathered. The enemy possessions were distrbuted among the victors or destroyed. There was no orderly master plan for the diverse troop. They crossed back over the Broad River to Col Felix Walker’s plantation.

Then some of the Georgia and South Carolina men headed south. The more numerous overmountain troops and the Wilkes, Surry, Tryon, and Burke county NC men roughly retraced their route herding prisoners with them. Destination for most of the Red Coat prisoners was Salisbury NC under guard of Col James Williams (kia) men who had come from Hillsborough and were gathered from
-the remnant of Gen Gates army
-the remnant of Gen Sumter’s SC militia
-fresh troops from central NC
-fresh troops from south central VA

Some of the Burke County troops who had been refugees to Watauga and some who had come out of the bushes when the brigade came through during the first week of October went back home as the return march came nearby their homes. Some of the Tennessee and SW Virginia troops broke off from the prisoners at Shallow Ford of Yadkin and returned home. Col. Cleveland had all his footmen who had followed the horsemen to the battleground in reserve and fresh troops from Wilkes and Surry Counties to continue to Old Salem with the prisoners. Col Shelby and Col Campbell went on to Old Salem with part of their troops.

Thumb tacks U through Z show the farms of some of the Washington County men who were killed by the battle. Some Virginians and Tennesseans stayed at Old Salem and re-formed for more duty in the Carolinas. Samuel Newell stayed near Morganton, one of about twenty under the care of Doctor Dobson, until late November.

On the map, click on the markers button, lower right, to see names of some casualties and approximate locations of their homes.

http://elehistory.com/amrev/SitesEventsTroopMovements.htm is William L Anderson’s display of southern campaign troop movements. You can see day by day movements by Col McDowell and Col Campbell in Sept and Oct 1780.