Glade Spring VA

Charles Cummings, the “fighting parson” was called in 1772 to pastor two Presbyterian congregations. Sinking Spring was at Blacks Fort, (Abingdon). Ebbing Spring was near Old Glade Spring, between Liberty Hall (the community and academy, not the college at Lexington VA) to the south and current Glade Spring to the north. It was between Blacks Fort to the west and Royal Oak (Arthur Campbell’s plantation at Marion VA) to the east. The Glade Spring placed all its men on the altar for freedom. The Edmondson’s on the south side and the Beatties and Dysarts to the north paid heavily. North through McCall Gap across Walker Mountain into Rich Valley is Saltville VA from which Lee, Crabtree, and Lyons came for the BKM muster.

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Aspendale, the plantation of Col William Campbell was upstream from Glade Spring on the Holston Middle Fork beyond Chilhowee at Seven Mile Ford.

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Reese Bowen’s Company joined the chase to stop Ferguson from this area.

All able bodied men were called out to Newell’s improvement on Andrew Colville’s farm near Blacks Fort for the 24Sep1780 muster. Col Arthur Campbell held back a few good men to guard the home front. His place was Royal Oak marked on the link below.

Rich Valley – Saltville surveys (names in the Kings Mountain soldier list)

Page 273 – Sarah Buchanan Campbell…2055 ac…on the waters of the north fork of Holstein River adjoining the Salt Lick Tract, also Lee’s, Fowler’s, Harnson’s, Crabtrees, Lyons and Charles H. Campbells tracts of land…Treasury Warrant…Beginning corner to the Salt Lick Tract then with Peter Lees line…crossing Fowlers Mill Creek…to Dysarts corner…near the Salt Lick road…with Fowlers corner leaving Dysarts line…by Fowler’s Mill Dam…corner to Harrisons land…above the Meeting House…corner to Charles H. Campbells Tract…June 21, 1785

Page 274 – Charles Henry Campbell…630 ac…in the Rich Valley adjoining the Salt Lick Tract and also Lyons and a large tract belonging to Sarah B. Campbell…Treasury Warrant…Beginning on a line of James Crabtrees survey…in the head of a hollow leaving Lyons line…corner to a tract of land surveyed for Charles Campbell…corner to the Salt Lick Tract…April 21, 1784.