BKM Lincoln County Roster

William Lee Anderson did a beautiful job of clarifying the Lincoln (Tryon) County view of BKM.
His chart of participants is at odds with other sources.

John Tubb said in his pension testimony, that he was wounded at BKM under Capt John Carruth.
In Carruth widow testimony, he was from Mecklenburg, but from Reuben Hill’s testimony, Carruth was from Pacolet River in NC.

Philip Sailor’s widow said he was under Capt Daniel McKissick at BKM. But McKissick was wounded at Ramsour’s Mill the summer before.

The Patterson family lived in York Co near BKM. Per Draper, Patterson Sr was killed, but per more recent sources, that was an error. The three sons were prisoners of Ferguson who were able to escape when their guards left to join the battle line.

Andrew Barry does not mention BKM in his deposition, but does as a witness for Samuel Martin. He stated Mecklenburg not Lincoln Co.

Jacob Martin stated that he left his Lincoln Co unit after Ramsour’sMill. He was a sub for Jacob Wetzel under Capt John Sigman, Col Cleveland at BKM.

A William Johnson was in Cleveland’s corps. A common name, perhaps another in Lincoln Co.

James Johnson was a captain under Col Lacey per his widow, not Graham.

Andrew Floyd and Malcolm Henry stated that they lived in York, but served with Graham’s Tryon unit. This is consistent with other SC troops who roamed away after Charleston and Camden looking for a night’s rest free from Tories, Indians, and Red Coats.and something to eat.  They joined the first patriots encountered who would have them.

Hannah Henry Hamilton, widow of Charles Hamilton said Col Barbour, not Graham and that she lost two brothers killed and that Hamilton was wounded. Only one Henry in WL Alexander shows as killed.

Samuel Martin said his company lost 4 killed and 2 mortally wounded.

Abraham Forney named John Baldridge as his captain, but Baldridge is not in the list.

Andrew Floyd was under Captain Robert Alexander immediatelybefore joining Col Graham. Alexander is not in the list?

Samuel Espey served under Captain Isaac White. Not a captain of LincolnCo at BKM?

Twin brother of James Espey is mentioned as John or Joseph in depositions, but is not in the list.

James Conn stated that he joined Col Williams for BKM and that he awas wounded there.

WL Alexander’s chart of sixty soldiers includes a col, a Lt. Col. three Majors, nine captains, a scout, a doctor, and two lieutenants.
How many Indians does it take to declare a chief?

1778 New Acquisition District of SC took much from Tryon Co NC. Maybe some York SC folks still thought in terms of the old Tryon.


James Alexander  White W12190
Matthew Armstrong
Robert Barkley
Andrew Barry  R569 A
John Boyd killed
William Bradley wounded
Samuel Caldwell  White
John Chittam wounded
William Chronicle Major killed
James P Collins R2173 Lt
James Conn wounded  Williams  S15386
John Dellinger
David Dickey
Joseph Dickson Major
James Espey  White  s31669
Samuel Espey Captain? wounded  White
Hugh Ewin
Andrew Floyd  Alexander
Abraham__ Forney  Baldridge___
James Furgason  Isaac White
Enoch Gilmer  scout  Found Ferguson’s location
William M. Gilmer wounded
James Glenn  Capt Henry  S21768
William Graham Colonel
Frederick Hambright Lt. Col. wounded
John Hardin Hambright Captain
Charles Hamilton Capt Henry R4512
Hannah’s Brother Henry Killed
James Henry
Joseph Henry
Malcolm Henry Captain
Moses Henry Mortally wounded
Robert Henry wounded____
James Hill Lieutenant
Thomas Hill
George Hofstalar
James Johnson Captain
William Johnson Captain
Matthew Leeper
Thomas Lofton Captain
William Logan
Jacob Martin  John Sigman  Cleveland
Samuel Martin Captain
Charles Mattocks
John Mattocks Captain killed
Alexander McLaen
Charles McLean
William McLean? Doctor
William Newton
Arthur Patterson, Sr not killed York  Rudisill
Arthur Patterson, Jr freed York
Thomas Patterson freed York
William Patterson freed York
William Rabb killed
Philip Sailors
Robert Shannon
John Tubb wounded
William Twitty
John Weir Captain
Isaac White Captain
Joseph White Major
Thomas White Lieutenant

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