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Let’s discuss the history which the Samuel Newell family, neighbors, and friends lived.
Let’s discuss the nation they fought to free and worked to organize.
This tool can record facts and facilitate sharing ideas.
When our eyes and fingers fail to do well, we might meet to break bread and chew the fat.

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Vol Casualty  Patriot ———– Commander  Unit Evidence
w Allison John Shelby kkw
w Anderson William Morgan McDowell R206
w Banning Benoni Campbell
k Beattie John Campbell Colville Draper
k Benge Cleveland Sheppard R743
w Benge Obadiah Cleveland Sheppard R743
D Berry Ezekiel McDowell Samuel Woods w8128
k Berry William McDowell Samuel Woods w8128
D Bicknell Thomas Cleveland William Lenoir r12399
 LS MG k Blackburn William Campbell Beattie WC Court
k Bowen Reece Campbell b19 roster
k Boyd John Graham Lin Co
w ? Bradley William Graham Carruth w8399
k Brown John Sevier Draper
w Bullen William Campbell?
w Childress John Cleveland Sheppard s3146
w Chittim John Graham s10116
k Chronicle William Graham
k Col Hammond’s unknown Graham Martin, Samuel
D Col Sevier’s unknown Sevier Davis s1906
w Colel James Henderson, Wm S31624
w Conn James Graham S15386
w Cox William Shelby KK White
D Curry James Campbell Dysart S31043
k? Davis Jonathan Sumter’s remnant r2722
w Dobson Joseph McDowell w19187
w Douglas Jonathan Campbell Summers
k Dryden Nathaniel Campbell Robert Craig b8
Bled more Duckworth John McDowell S6805
k Duff David Lacey Draper
w Dysart James Campbell Draper
w Edmondson RobertJr Campbell
k Edmondson Andrew Campbell
k Edmondson Robert Campbell
k Edmondson William Campbell
w Espy Samuel Graham Isaac White s6824
w Fagon John Shelby Lanier KK White
 OE w Fain Ebenezer Sevier Taylor R3421
w Fields John Williams John Smith s8471
w Fisher Frederick Campbell Dysart s20364
k Fowler William Campbell 15Apr1783
w Gambill Martin Cleveland William Nall w7504
w Gebie John Lacey Faris AA2746
w Giles William Williams Draper
w Gilleland John Sevier KK White
w Gilmer William Graham Chronicle
k Gist Nathaniel Campbell Edmondson
w Goforth Miles Campbell R8973
k Goforth Preston Hampton Draper
w Gordon Charles Cleveland Draper
w Grier John Sevier Jacob Brown S1906
w Griffis William Cleveland Lewis, Joel R4323
w Hambright Frederick Graham R4504
w Hamilton Charles Williams Duff R4512
w Hammond Martin Brandon Jolly AA3279
D Hannah William Cleveland Minor Smith S13795
w Hayter Israel Campbell Dysart S32509
k Henigar Henry Campbell Draper
k Henry John Graham R4512
D Henry Moses Graham Samuel Martin R4382
w Henry Robert Graham Chronicle Draper
w Henson Robert Brandon R4902
w Hicks John Williams AA3586
w Hill James Campbell Reese Bowen B19
w Houston James Hampton Capt R7046
w Hyce Leonard Campbell Dysart s8713
w Johnson Samuel Cleveland W5012
w Keller DeVault Williams John Walton S32358
w Kerr David McDowell McCall R5890
w Kilgore Charles Campbell Dysart Draper
D Laird James Campbell Moss
w Lenoir William Cleveland S7137
w? Lewis James? Cleveland w7511
w Lewis Joel Cleveland Micajah Lewis w780
w Lewis Micajah Cleveland several
 EG k Lusk William Campbell Colville WC Court
k? Lyon Humberson Campbell Edmondson WCSB p48
k Maddox John Graham Chronicle
k Mahone Michael Sevier KK White
k Martin’s Company Graham, Martin, Samuel 4K
D Martin’s Company Graham Martin, Samuel 2D
 JCMcC w McCulloch Robert Campbell McCulloch Summers
 TedMcC D McCulloch Thomas Campbell
w McDaniel Henry Lynch Thomas Arthur R6678
w Miller Robart Lacey W5376
w Moore William Campbell Beattie Draper
w Murphy Patrick Sevier KK White
w Neely Joseph Williams Douglas S31879
w Neighbors Benjamin Williams William Smith S19000
 Saml N w Newell Samuel Campbell Colville r7617
w Parks Henry Cleveland Joel Lewis S31898
k ? Patterson Arthur Rudisill
w Peery John Campbell Reese Bowen DE Johnson
k Phillips James Campbell Dysart b8
w? Porter James Hampton S25370 Ramsour’s?
k Rabb William Graham Martin, Samuel plaque
w Reed Joseph Cleveland Joel Lewis W1484
w Robertson William Hampton
w Rogers James   Joseph McDowell Hardin S32340
w Seamons Joseph Cleveland Nall s3909
D Sevier Robert Sevier
w Shelby Moses Shelby Draper
k Siske Daniel Cleveland Draper
w Skeggs John Campbell Reese Bowen plaque
k Smartt John Hanpton plaque
w Smith JM Cleveland
w Smith Minor Cleveland
w Soldier unknown Williams Douglas
k Steele William Sevier
kx Steen James died 1781 stabbed by Tory Rowan Co
w Tanner Josiah Williams McBee W9503
w Toms Thomas Shelby George Maxwell Va3
w Trammel William Brandon Duff R10674
w Tubb John Graham Carruth S32560
w Unknown Campbell Newell 35
w Unknown 2 Campbell Newell 35
D Varner Richard Cleveland Minor Smith S13795
w Wakefield Henry McDowell John Russell W35
w Walker John Cleveland Roger Topp S32572
w Walker Robert Lacey Mills AA8486
k Watson William Lacey Draper
w Watson William Campbell r11207
wx White Joseph McDowell kk white mistake
w Wilfong John McDowell Sigman W Van Horn S7951
 wg k Williams James Williams plaque
w X-unknown 24