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Let’s discuss the people who spread the edges of “The Old Dominion” and founded counties and states on the frontier. Opequon 1730-1771, Abingdon 1772-1783, Seymour 1783-1796, Bronston 1797-1832, Gosport 1833-1841.

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Adopt a patriot

Adopt a Purple Heart Veteran of the Battle of Kings Mountain. Click here to learn why-Kings Mountain Purple Hearts Then click the contact us tab to get the who, when, where, and how.

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Pipes and drums

were part of some battles. I find no drummer, but some fifers on 07Oct1780. Fifer was alternately spelled Phifer in the German settlements. Phifer’s Mill was was a York District SC landmark. Martin and Caleb Fifer were officers in other engagements, though not in the Battle at Kings Mountain. They commanded some of the patriots […]

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The Scottish bagpipes added to the fife and drums of some orderly and established military units on both the Whig and Tory sides. The 1780 over moutain clans were not that organized. The plaids of the clans and the bagpipes are traditions which survived in the Appalachians. Gatherings for “Highland Games” are still annual events […]

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Johnny has gone for a soldier

The auld Irish melody “Buttermilk Hill” was sung beside cradles through the centuries. The words varied with mood and season. Sell her flocks and sell her wheel to buy her love a sword to wield. Then to the streets to beg for bread. Elizabeth Colville Black Newell sent two sons, a brother, a nephew, three […]

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Give me liberty or give me death!

Who first said “Give me liberty or give me death?” Perhaps Patrick Henry’s three sisters whose husbands signed the Fincastle Resolutions Jan 29, 1775. Governor Henry paraphrased their last line.